Criiio 4 Good

Eight online learning modules designed to impart gender equality and important life skills to children and youth have been made available by the ICC and UNICEF under Criiio 4 Good. The Indian Government’s Ministry of Education supports the effort Criiio 4 Good.

On September 28, the International Cricket Council (ICC) and UNICEF launched ‘Criiio 4 Good,’ a brand-new online life skills learning programme that aims to promote gender equality among girls and boys.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the Indian Ministry of Education, and the Indian Government jointly launched the programme named Criiio 4 Good in Ahmedabad. Smriti Mandhana, the vice-captain of the Indian women’s cricket team, presented the first instructional modules to more than 1000 students at the Narendra Modi Stadium.

There will be eight sport-for-development modules in the entry-level programme- Criiio 4 Good. They will have a gender equity theme to raise awareness of the problem and the significance of giving every boy and girl in India the same chances.

Cricket will be used to illustrate these programmes.

The Criiio 4 Good initiative will include eight animated videos that use examples from cricket to illustrate cutting-edge animation. They will concentrate on a certain life skill, such as goal-setting, teamwork, confidence, problem-solving, and confidence. They also incorporate in-depth analysis of regional quirks.

Through the Diksha portal, the Ministry of Education will advertise the modules to more than 1.5 million schools all throughout India, assuring a lasting impact after the Cricket World Cup.

Additionally, all eight learning modules are accessible for free on the Criiio website and are viewable in Gujarati, Hindi, and English.

Mandhana talked highly of the programme-Criiio 4 Good that uses cricket to impart life lessons and advance gender parity for both boys and girls.

Mandhana stated, “I am incredibly happy to help the ICC and UNICEF along with the Ministry of Education and BCCI on the Criiio 4 Good programme.

The Criiio 4 Good programmes are quite interesting and use cricket as a fun, interactive tool to discuss gender equity and important life skills with both boys and girls. In order for both girls and boys to succeed in athletics and in life, they must get equal support. This is an effort to spread the message in a clear and interesting way.

Jay Shah, the secretary of the BCCI, discussed how the programme fosters both the virtues of cricket and important life skills.

“The Cricket World Cup is set to inspire the children of India over the course of the next two months, and this initiative is a landmark step towards empowering the youth of our nation,” Shah added.

“Criiio 4 Good not only promotes cricket’s values but also provides important life lessons, such as the value of gender parity. It represents a big step towards ensuring our kids have an equitable and progressive future.

According to ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardice, the programme demonstrated ICC’s steadfast commitment to fostering constructive change.

According to Allardice, “for the past eight years, the ICC and UNICEF have used the scope of our international cricket events to better the lives of children and youth all over the world.”

Through what is expected to be the largest ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup ever, “Criiio 4 Good illustrates our continued commitment to fostering positive change.”

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