Shubman Gill achieved a better Yo-Yo score in the recent fitness test.

Sunil Gavaskar, a former Indian cricketing icon, has brought up an important issue about the BCCI’s (Board of Control for Cricket in India) fitness test results’ transparency. Gavaskar’s appeal follows teenage batsman Shubman Gill’s impressive Yo-Yo test performance, which reportedly eclipsed that of former India captain Virat Kohli.

Gill recently passed the Yo-Yo fitness test, a standardised evaluation of a player’s endurance and fitness levels that has become an essential yardstick for squad selection. Gill is noted for his promising potential and agile fielding skills.

Officials from the BCCI disapproved of Kohli’s disclosure of his Yo-Yo test result of 17.2 in an Instagram story, calling it a “breach of contract.” As a result, the authorities gave players instructions to keep sensitive information private.

However, PTI reported a few days later that Gill had surpassed Kohli’s score, notably recording an astounding 18.7. Gill’s extraordinary performance above the required 16.5 threshold, possibly indicating a shift in public opinion away from Kohli as India’s fittest player.

The age difference between the two mustn’t be forgotten” Sunil Gavaskar

In response, Gavaskar emphasised the need for greater transparency in making these fitness test results public in his column for the Mid-Day, especially when a young talent like Gill has an extraordinary score.

“There was a lot of excitement when Kohli put out his Yo-Yo score which was more than the limit that the BCCI trainers had set. Shubman Gill posting an even better Yo-Yo score than Virat was by no means one-upmanship. The age difference between the two mustn’t be forgotten and the elder has to be admired for his fitness standard. The BCCI then directed that nobody should post their Yo-Yo test scores which might have actually saved some blushes for some,” wrote Gavaskar.

He added: “If it is true that unless the minimum standard of the YoYo test is not met, then the player is not eligible for selection then it’s all the more important for this test to be done in the public domain so that the public that follows the game in their millions know that there are no players who have not met the minimum standard in the team.”

The cricketing community has been divided by Gavaskar’s remarks, with many agreeing with him that the results of fitness tests should be released in a transparent manner. The Yo-Yo test has emerged as a crucial component for evaluating players’ levels of fitness, and knowing the results might provide information about their dedication and degree of preparedness for international cricket.

The BCCI has not yet made a formal announcement on the situation. It will be interesting to observe if Gavaskar’s call for openness in fitness test findings results in modifications to how the cricketing community and spectators are informed of such information.

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