Tilak Varma’s rapid adjustment to international cricket has astounded India wicket-keeper Dinesh Karthik, who thinks the teenager should be given consideration for the important No.4 position in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.

When scoring 343 runs for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL earlier this year, Varma demonstrated his enormous potential. He then improved on those efforts by having a fantastic debut for India in a recent white-ball series against the West Indies.

The 20-year-old participated in each of India’s five T20I games, hitting 173 runs in his debut international series and attracting Karthik’s attention with his adaptability to changing game circumstances.

Karthik remarked, “I was very impressed with Tilak Varma,” during a Cricket World Cup commercial shoot with Emirates.

“I think he showed different types of temperament to his batting at times, going all guns blazing up the order, then there was a game where he had to bat Hardik Pandya to finish it off, and he did that as well,” said the observer. The fact that he can add off-spin and roll his arm over, which is more significant, makes that guy quite unique.

Varma’s performance against the West Indies earned the young player a spot in India’s squad for the forthcoming Asia Cup, where the left-hander will compete against a number of hitters who will undoubtedly be given the chance to shine before the World Cup.

Verma has the advantage of being a left-handed batter in a batting order that consists primarily of right-handed batters, and Karthik thinks this will work to his advantage.

“A left-hander is needed? Do we consider Suryakumar (Yadav) or Tilak Varma as a possible replacement? Karthik questioned.

Is it incorrect to suggest that Suryakumar is merely a right-hander given that he utilises every sweep available to him and makes life difficult for spinners?

The inclusion of veteran duo Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul in the Asia Cup squad provides the team with additional options to test out before the World Cup, in line with skipper Rohit Sharma’s desire for his batters to be adaptable regarding the place they play in India’s batting order.

Iyer, in Karthik’s opinion, is the favourite to play the key No. 4 spot in India’s ODI team at the World Cup, but the fact that he is recovering from a serious back injury would give other players an opportunity.

Given his performance and his scores throughout the eight months before to his injury, Shreyas Iyer, in Karthik’s opinion, is the best player.

He has likely been the No. 4 batter in good form, but there will be a minor problem because of that.Given that six of the top seven players in India are right-handed and that (Ravindra) Jadeja is batting at No. 7, India’s ability to bring a left-right combination is really in doubt.

Because of the possibility of spin-friendly pitches during the World Cup, left-handed players would be required. How does India do with six right-handed players in the top seven.

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